Yes, this is completely possible with the "handle" button in the IP interface for the joystick. If you hit the search button and the camera is not coming up despite that fact the camera is accessible on the network, you may need to add it in manually.

  1. Press the Handle button in the bottom right of the IP interface for the Joystick. 

  1. You should be able to manually enter in your cameras IP address along with the ONVIF port (81) and the username and password for the camera (admin for both by default). Once you are done, just save. 

  1. Once you save, you should be able to see your camera added to the blue box in the middle. Click on the IP address of your camera in the blue box, and then fill in the address on the right. Address 1 would be camera 1 button and so on. 

You should now be okay to click on the Inquire button on your physical joystick. Once you do, you should see the newly added camera listed there on the LCD screen. If you press escape while over top of that IP, you should connect to the camera, if you do not, now press the CAM 1 button (if you set your camera to be address 1)  and you should have control of your camera!