We  released an update to the 12X-SDI/NDI firmware, moving from 6.3.29 > 6.3.34

The new version includes the following

  • Increased camera security parameters. 
  • Presets will be stored in on-board memory, allowing the presets to remain after future firmware updates, without requiring the backup / restore function. 
  • Added IR address buttons to the camera's Web Interface under "System".
  • Changed the IR remote shortcut ([*] > [#] > [4]: Show camera IP address) to display the information until manually closed with the 'Home' button.
  • Removed "Auto Scan Shoot" from the camera's OSD menu and replaced it with "Auto Inspect". Auto Inspect will call every camera preset, in order, on repeat.
    • When "Auto Inspect" is enabled, you can adjust the "Residence Time" (How long the camera will remain at a preset). Range: 1 - 60 (seconds)
    • When "Auto Inspect" is enabled, you can adjust "Call Preset Speed" (How fast the camera calls each preset). Range: 1 - 24.
  • Removed "Auto Focus L" from the camera's OSD menu due to limited space in "Setup"
  • Added the ability to start and stop RTMP streams without requiring a power cycle. 
  • Added a "privacy function" that points the camera to the rear when set to Standby. 

You can download the update here

For information on performing the update, please click review the article "How do I upgrade he firmware of my camera?"

Please contact support if you are still having issues with upgrading the firmware on your camera.