How we got here:

Web cams that clip on top of your PC monitor have instigated a revolution in desktop video conferencing made up of a whole array of great web based video conferencing tools, like Skype,OovooGoogle HangoutsWebExCisco JabberMicrosoft LyncClearOne SpontaniaZoom.US, Polycom RealPresence, GoToMeeting and many others. These software solutions originated in the consumer market but were quickly adopted by the commercial and professional markets, when their ample benefits were recognized.
With this wide ranging adoption of desktop video, the next thought was “Why can’t we use these great solutions in our meeting spaces as well?” And the answer was “You can.” Early adopters of this trend ran into a few issues however. The web cams and audio pods designed for the laptop and desktop were not quite up to the task of capturing the action in a larger meeting space.


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  • Where we are today
  • Making a Camera Selection
  • Resolution
  • Zoom Range
  • Small Rooms
  • Large Rooms
  • Presets
  • USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0
  • Serial Control
  • Overview Summary


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Joseph Mulcahy

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