Presets allow a user to automatically return to a set position (pan and tilt) and set zoom level, without manually driving the camera. This is desirable as it is faster, smoother, more reliable and easier than steering a camera during a meeting. Are presets important for everyone? That depends upon how many different shots you will use during meetings. In a huddle room with 3 seats, where everyone is always large and in frame, you would likely leave the camera in one location and presets are not necessary or important. In a large room where you might often only use a portion of the table or when the table is full, you might desire chairman head shot, left side seats, right side seats and wide “all” shots, presets would be critical. Some cameras have no presets, some have 64 presets. If you will only ever use a handful of them, 6 presets is as good as 64 and either is better than none.