The ClickShare Link is connected to the Base Unit via USB. The ClickShare Base Unit recognizes the Link and automatically supports the input of the iPad. The iPad screen content is included in the composition on the meeting room display, as if it were an additional laptop.

Option 1: connection via cable

Connect a HDMI to DVI video cable to the ClickShare Link and make the HDMI connection available for the iPad user. Pluggin the HDMI cable into the iPad HDMI adapter will bring the image on the screen.

In summary:

  • Plug in and it works
  • Requires HDMI adapter for iPad
  • 1 iPad at a time, together with other laptops in the composition

Option 2: connection via Apple TV

Connect an Apple TV to the ClickShare Link using a HDMI to DVI video cable. Connect the Apple TV either to the ClickShare Base Unit using a LAN cable, or connect it to the corporate network. The iPad user can connect to the appropriate network and start sharing by enabling "AirPlay mirroring".

In summary:

  • Wireless
  • The user needs to activate AirPlay on the iPad
  • 1 iPad at a time, together with other laptions in the composition