To use with the Barco base unit:

I have a Clickshare button installed to the pc (defaults to Clickshare speakers). 

I removed the HDMI cable from the adapter box used with the stand alone pc.

The base unit is connected to the Sharp screen via DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, then HDMI cable to screen.  (Sharp screen does not have DP input, but does have HDMI).

I am able to display the video, but no audio. 

Nothing is muted.

Clickshare Speaker Properties show “device is working properly”.

Speaker graphic from the icon in the pc system tray shows varying level of audio output.

Audio levels are “turned up”.


I went into Setup for the base unit.  Audio is enabled.  There is no option for analog/digital as I see in documentation.

The button shows as paired and same firmware as base unit.


If I return my cabling to prior to the Barco unit, I return to getting audio from the pc.

Would the DP to HDMI adapter cause a problem, although it carries the video without problem?

Any ideas on what to try next?


We need to use the Audio Output 1/8" cable and use that for audio. So DVI-I does not send audio through the cable like HDMI does. So we will have to use the Audio Output 1/8" jack. There are two ways to do this. There are cables that come with DVI-I and Audio to HDMI. Or you can use a cable like this that has the Audio Line next to the DVI-I to HDMI: