Another scenario is while we are conducting a zoom video conference, someone wants to share some data via solstice.  Could not get Solstice and Zoom to both work.  Also might just be a pilot error.
We typically use WebEx to do the same – but all web conferencing services can interact in the same with Solstice.

Scenario #1  
It usually makes the most sense to run Zoom on the same PC as Solstice display – and share your desktop in Zoom with Solstice display running full screen – this will allow you to share your local Solstice session + audio to anybody remotely connected to your Zoom session


Scenario #2

A solstice client running Zoom could share their desktop to the Solstice display in the room – keep in mind the Zoom session audio will only be available on that client device – 
Starting in our 2.2 release in December with the new “desktop audio” feature – the Zoom session audio would then be available at the shared Solstice display in the room


If you had a different intended use – please let us know


Once again, have been unable to get into the room these past few days to test these scenarios out but wanted to share as you move forward with your product.  We are now part of the “believers” / customer community.
Appreciate the feedback and good to hear!