Question: Once we have made the Bluetooth connection with the evoko minto for web conferencing it works great. But it is stuck in "pairing mode" and does not lock in the bluetooth connection. Requiring a reconnection of bluetooth every time the computer is turned off.

Answer: Just like when using the Minto with a smartphone you actively have to connect the computer and Minto with BlueTooth each time. This BT profile has been chosen since it is not a "personal device" (such as a headset which is used only by one person), but an "office device" used by multiple people at the company. If you would have automatic pairing and 5 people attending a meeting, all with their laptops and smartphones that previously have been connected to the Minto, any of the 10 devices could be connected to the Minto. It will then be the first one in range instead of the one you want to use.