A few things come to mind when trying to troubleshoot an issue like this so please bear with my suggestions below...

1) Sometimes even though the device appears to have installed properly the drivers will not have completed during the install process; when this is the case if you open your "Bluetooth Devices" and look at the icon for the Jabra 510 it should have a little yellow triangular sign with an exclamation point in it. Typically this can be resolved by right clicking on the icon select repair and allowing windows to reassociate the drivers.

2) Within the Lync software the Jabra does not appear as a "Jabra 510" for some odd reason, but rather shows up a a Bluetooth Hands Free Device as shown in the image below

Inline image 1

3) The last thing to try would be by clicking on the Windows key to bring up the start / search menu and then typing in "change sound card settings" under the "Playback" tab you can right click on "Headphones Bluetooth Hands-Free Audio" and set it as your default communication device. Under the "Recording" tab right click on "Headset Microphone Bluetooth Hands-free Audio" and select "Default Communications Device". This will ensure that any communications software will attempt to use the Jabra first as long as it is connected.

Please let us know how the above suggestions work for you and if you need any further assistance with any of the solutions mentioned above.

We'll be looking forward to hearing from.