Q. What are the base specs for the Nuc? Can it be upgraded?

A. They come with 120GB SSD, 8 GB Ram, Bluetooth and Windows 7 or 8. Yes these can all be upgraded.

Q. What kind of hard drive comes with the Nuc?

A. The Nuc comes with a 120GB Solid State Drive. This is upgradable for an additional cost to a 240GB SSD, a 480GB SSD. Also you can downgrade to reduce the cost and get a 60GB SSD if that's all you would need.

Q. How big is the Nuc; will it mount behind my TV?

A. One of the many reasons we use the Nuc is because of its low profile look and size. At a 4 inch by 4 inch by 2 inch size, it can easily be mounted behind most any TV.

Q. Do you sell a mount for the Nuc?

A. Of course we do!      http://www.conferenceroomsystems.com/intel-nuc-shelf-p/ksa1023b.htm