You can base the appropriate LCD size based on the farthest viewer. A simple calculation is used. The only measurement you’ll need to figure this out is the distance of the furthest person in the room to the display. Let’s say you have a board room that is 16’ long. The furthest viewer is most likely seated at the end of the conference room table. For this example, we’ll say they’re about 12’ from the display. That needs to be turned into inches. We’re now at 144”. Next, divide that by 6 and get 24”. That’s the suggested height of the screen. A display with a height of 24” has a 46” diagonal. For a room with the furthest viewer being about 12’ from the screen, you should have a 46” display in order to read a 24-point font. You may think 24-point font seems large. However, that’s considered best practice when presenting a PowerPoint or Excel spreadsheet. If you aren’t already, it’s a nice recommendation to your team when they present. 


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