Q: Do you know why the Polycom seems to beep every 1-2 minutes when it is paired with the NUC ? Is it possible to disable that, it almost seems to be a reminder that it is turned on.  It is beeping when there is no active meeting in session.


A: There are 2 potential issues that can cause this. The first thing is that some program or reloading web browser, etc... on the NUC is making the audible beep and not the unit itself. 

A test for this might be to disconnect the unit and see if that beeping sound is the same as the one they are hearing every few minutes.

The second is in reference to the Polycom manual and beeping sounds; the only time the manual mentions a beep is when you are connecting / disconnecting the unit; I wonder if the power saving settings on the NUC are connecting and disconnecting as it is in a low power consumption setting.

To test this you would need search for "Power Options" and select something that is not a power saver.