Question: I want to briefly consider a touchscreen for use with my system. Since Lync Rooms mentions a touch screen so often, I thought it was worth asking. If this is out of the norm for you, that’s ok, I’ll come back with a standard screen display as needed.  I’m not yet convinced  touch screens are the be all and end all of conferencing.  My cautions would be around whether they retain fingerprints, mar performance over time and still excel at great images.


Answer: The performance should not diminish over time. There are always firmware updates released to keep the board up to date and functioning properly. The quality on this LCD is wonderful. Since we have one in our conference room I just checked for fingerprints and found nothing noticeable. It has a matte-like finish (not glossy and smudgy like an iPad).

Here's the link to the 60" Sharp touch screen for you to take a closer look:


Question: To me touch screens are used for mouse-like basic interface, or marking up presentations using it like a whiteboard type application. What’s not yet clear to me is whether the OS of the interfacing of the connected computer in place has to be touch screen compatible or whether this is strictly a function from the touch screen back to the connected device----acting like a mouse or stylus would. Also, how are whiteboard markups saved?


Answer: Yes, it's compatible with Lync In fact it's compatible with anything you open on the PC. You're correct in thinking that the touch capability is strictly a function of the touch screen. You can open any window - web page, Lync, Powerpoint, PDF ect and annotate. Or you can open Sharps built-in software and have a white page to mark up. You can also save any whiteboard notes as a PDF or similar file to the PC or email it out.