Yes we have several companies working with ADFS 3.0.


Follow Up Question: Does Zoom ADFS SSO work with ADFS version 3.0? The online documentation is for version 2.0.

   Yes we have several companies working with ADFS 3.0



Follow Up Question 2: I understand that Zoom licensing works on a number of hosts model. In our organisation, we have roughly 80 users. Out of 80 users, we have approx. 15 different users who actually need to be able to host the meetings and others    may simply be attending meeting from time-to-time. If we were to implement SSO with ADFS and our 80 organisational users use SSO to login, when a new user account gets created automatically by zoom upon first sign in with SSO    credentials, does that new user account take up a host license from our total available licenses?


Yes, you can setup every new SSO login to come in as basic users so everyone comes in as a free user and then you can manually assign your licenses, or you can use our CUSTOMER SAML RESPONSES to hand out those licenses on      login based on your AD Response.